The wind power plant

In the Wind Power Plant there is room for the really big ideas! Here you can arrange events and meetings for larger groups. Approximately 50-60 people can be accommodated in the Wind Power Plant and the furniture can vary as needed.

The room is separated from the Biokraftverket (our kitchen/kitchenette) with a curtain and is also adjacent to the house's entrance, so if you are talking about someone secretly, you should perhaps not choose this room. If, on the other hand, you want a place with life and movement where you can have a lecture, hybrid meeting, workshop, exhibition, mini fair and so on, then you have found the right place, the possibilities are many at the Wind Power Plant.

I rummet finns en stor touchskärm på hjul 85″ med konferenssystem med dubbla kameror samt mikrofon/headset samt ytterligare två vägghängda skärmar som speglar det som visas på den stora skärmar så att alla i rummet ser bra.

Welcome to collaborate, mingle and inspire in the Wind Power Plant!