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Knowledge center and meeting place for a sustainable future

The Energy Evolution Center is a modern and climate-smart office building. Workplaces in own office or in dropdown space, conference and meeting rooms and showroom. The building contains a number of energy-smart solutions. The Energy Evolution Center was ready for occupancy in the spring of 2022 and is within walking distance of Eskilstuna's travel center and in close proximity to a number of other energy players in the West of Eskilstuna.

See floor plans below:

Entrance floor


This is what Eric, Sara and Jens say about the premises

Eric Söderberg, Sara Sjöqvist & Jens Carlberg

Operations Manager, Center Manager & Unit Manager

We work to minimize the environmental impact in our premises and at the same time create an attractive and creative environment to work in. For example, we will strive for low energy use, choose environmentally friendly materials and furnish the premises with recycled furniture. Solar cells are installed on parts of the roof and facade and we must create the conditions for maximum use of the self-produced electricity through a battery storage. Room division and planning focus on efficient utilization and co-utilization of surfaces.

We want to gather tenants who in some way work with energy issues and if you are one of those and interested in becoming a tenant with us, you are most welcome to get in touch.

Welcome to contact us if you have questions about our new premises!

    Strategic location in Stockholm-Mälardalen

    Eskilstuna is one of Sweden's foremost environmental municipalities and leads the way towards a more sustainable society through brave and innovative initiatives. Here you will find, among other things, Sweden's largest constructed wetland for sewage treatment, the world-unique recycling mall ReTuna and an innovative waste sorting system. The Energy Evolution Center is another key investment in Eskilstuna's broad environmental and sustainability work.

    Via the location in Eskilstuna, where the Energy Agency and the Energy Market Inspection also have their headquarters, the Energy Evolution Center has great potential to act as a meeting place for energy transition in the Stockholm-Mälardalen growth area. Over three million people live in Stockholm-Mälardalen and there is a clear common focus on sustainable growth in the region.

    Sustainability focus in the house

    • Solar cells on part of the roof and facade   - in total 58 panels of which 6 on newly built parts facade
    • Battery storage of 4.8 kWh (buildable)
    • Facade sign which changes color depending on whether the electricity in the house is self-produced or from the grid
    • Smart ventilation with presence control to avoid unnecessary energy use
    • Presence-controlled lighting to avoid unnecessary energy use
    • The majority of the furnishings in the public areas of the house consist of recycled materials furniture and second-hand household items such as plates, glasses, mugs, etc.
    • Carpet in office spaces is done of recycled fishing nets
    • Speaker in showroom manufactured by recycled car tires
    • Renovation and new construction took place according to Sunda House where everyone building materials were registered in a database that makes the environmental impact visible so that you continuously in the project was encouraged to choose better material
    • An LCA analysis was done on the house to compare the environmental impact when we renovated an old building compared to us had demolished the house and built new.

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