Mefinansieras av Europeiska unionen


Energy Evolution Competence works actively to create greater interest in the energy field, above all among children and young people. The areas we have chosen to focus on to begin with are:


In collaboration with the municipality's energy and climate advisor, we have updated the Energy block for Ecofriends. Visit the page here!

In collaboration with Jobbcirkus, we have developed an activity we call "where are you going - in working life". In this activity, various municipal occupations are described and now several occupations in the energy field are described to increase interest in this area. Read more about Jobcircus here!

In collaboration with Kompetensgalleria, we have produced a small survey of the energy industry, employers and training opportunities in the energy field in Mälardalen. Download as pdf here!

In collaboration with Rinmanskolan and Fabriksförening, development of a new focus on the technology education Community building and the environment is underway, where one class will be offered guest lectures in the energy field, test education through gamification with the game Cities skylines and also use data from the own solar cells in the teaching.

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