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NRGIZE helps talented startups in Proptech, real estate technology and energy efficiency to accelerate. By matching our innovative proptech companies with players in the real estate industry, we create an innovative network that contributes to the industry's development within Proptech.

Fireside chats
We work with a concept that, in a relaxed format, opens up dialogue about the current challenges facing the real estate industry. We give you the opportunity to share challenges in digital transformation and then our companies give tips, ideas and suggestions on how to proceed. By discussing your current status in energy and digitization, you can work together with us, potential suppliers or like-minded companies to develop your business. 

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Pernilla Kjellström
Pernilla Kjellström
The program manager for NRGIZE is Pernilla Kjellström. Pernilla is a passionate expert in startup companies and experienced business coach. She participates as a jury member in various startup events, most recently at the Nordic Startup Awards. Pernilla shares her passion for startups and is convinced that anyone will benefit from "How to think like a startup". Within the "NRGIZE" program, she mainly collaborates with construction and real estate companies or proptech companies with the aim of accelerating digitization and collaboration for a sustainable future. Use the contact details below for general questions or to participate in our work through your company.

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Customer or partner matching

Proptech companies need help identifying new customers and property owners need help optimizing energy use or taking advantage of the technology available to the industry. Regardless of whether you work with real estate or digital solutions, we are here to help.


We have proven methods for different types of cooperation where you, alone or together with representatives of your workplace, get the opportunity to participate. Among other things, we work with inviting you to advice, inspirational lectures, group events and workshops. The participants could be your next customer or your next supplier.


We help property owners who want to digitize and at the same time contribute to sustainable development. Business development is something we have experience with and are happy to share with us how your business can take the next step. Companies with innovative products or services for the construction and real estate industry can similarly receive support in the development of the business.

NRGIZE startups nominated for Nordic Proptech Awards 2021 

In the spring of 2021, Proptech Sweden held its first Nordic Proptech Awards. The competition is for promoting companies in the real estate industry that create new, efficient solutions. 

We were proud and happy to hear that no less than five companies within NRGIZE were nominated for the Nordic Proptech Awards 2021! 

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NRGIZE startups nominated for Sweden Proptech Championship 2022 

On March 25, 2022, it was time for the final in the Proptech Seden Championshop, which was organized by Skanska and Proptech Sweden. 

We are happy to announce that three of the NRGIZE startups advanced! 

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