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Here we collect good examples of measures, efforts, products, services, initiatives etc. in the energy field of companies and property owners in Eskilstuna, for information and inspiration!

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Life cycle analysis by the Energy Evolution Center

Climate shell, Solar cells

Barkmans Färg switches to LED


The Swedish Energy Agency blocks out sunlight and avoids the need for cooling


Amsta has adapted the compressor as needed

Compressed air

Berglunds Åkeri runs on ethanol


SmartFront creates energy-smart properties

Climate shell, Products/services in the energy field, Ventilation

Bygg & Miljö specializes in the installation of solar cells

Products/services in the energy field, Solar cells

Johnson & Son has installed LEDs and motion sensors


Ecokraft supplies solar cells

Products/services in the energy field, Solar cells

Alvenius pipe system with low energy consumption

Products/services in the energy field

Norrbilar had a positive effect from its compressor change

Compressed air

Swedish outdoor preschools get more opportunities with an electric box bike


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