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SmartFront creates energy-smart properties

Smartfront improves the environment

Smartfront is a unique ventilation solution that, in a smart and simple way, upgrades the ventilation in existing properties that also need additional insulation. The system upgrades the environment for residents and reduces heating costs, which reduces negative environmental impact. Smartfront improves profitability for property owners by recycling air and can reduce heating costs by up to 50%.

SmartFront's office is located in the Energy Evolution Center, Kungsgatan 61 in Eskilstuna.

Menerga offers indirect evaporative cooling

Among other things, Menerga develops products that are based on the efficient, natural principle of indirect evaporative cooling. This means that you make use of the physical effect that evaporating water extracts heat from the air and that the air is thus cooled. The exhaust air is humidified where it enters the countercurrent heat exchanger. With evaporative cooling, the air temperature can be lowered by up to 14 K, without having to add any energy for cooling.

The Energy Authority presence controls the ventilation

A Lindinvent ventilation system has been installed in the Energy Agency's premises on Väster in Eskilstuna. This is presence controlled and adapts the ventilation according to how many people are in the room, thereby avoiding wasting a lot of energy in empty rooms. It is also integrated with lighting. Here you can read more about Lindinvent.